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5 Ways to Celebrate Easter in the Office This Year

Easter – as with any holiday – is a great way to connect with people in the office. Whether they be old friends or new employees, creating a productive and happy work environment starts with a bit of creativity. I know my experience working in a corporate environment has always been enhanced by bonding opportunities like Birthdays, Christmas and even Easter.


With that in mind, here are 5 ways you can celebrate Easter in the office this year!

1. Plan a corporate Easter egg hunt. This fun event can happen within the office or as a corporate retreat to encourage employee/company bonding! Not only can you have members of the company decorate the eggs in advance to get in the Spring of things, but you can then assign participants to teams and ask them to work together to find them. The team with the most eggs wins! Choose 3 prizes – perhaps a paid day off for first place, a lunch voucher for second and a basket of chocolates for third. Encourage participation by promising food and drinks afterwards for anyone who took part.

2. Organize or cater an Easter themed lunch. Many Florida catering companies will either have pre-set hot holiday menus or help you plan one for your office. Include spins of what you might find at an Easter dinner: Smoked ham sandwiches, potato salad, almond green beans, hot buns, and even individual pies or cakes for dessert. If possible, get some Easter colored napkins, plates or cutlery to make it extra special.

3. Contract the Easter bunny. Give the folks at the office a good chuckle by paying someone – or assigning a particularly out-going colleague – to hop to the office dressed as the Easter bunny and handout candy and chocolate. We all have an inner-child – encourage creativity and productivity by appealing to it. Happy employees mean happy clients!

4. Brighten Up the Office. Literally. Daffodils are quickly coming into season so why not add a little more Spring to the office by giving each and every assistant a bouquet? They’re inexpensive, sunny, very “Easter-ish” and will show the people who do the heavy lifting, how appreciated they are.

5. Gift the office (or your clients) with one of our very special Easter gift baskets. Instead of worrying about which chocolates to get everyone, we make it easy on you by putting together quality arrangements that are elegant, appropriate and delicious! Whether you want a package that’s sweet or salty or both – we have an array of options that will show everyone just how much you care.

Does your office celebrate Easter? When was the last time the Easter bunny brought you a treat? Share your experiences and thoughts with us at the Facebook Page!