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Condolence Gift Baskets: More Than Words

When someone you know or are close to, loses someone near and dear to them, it is hard to come up with words to convey your sympathy, but you know that silence is not an option. Don’t let your discomfort stop you from reaching out because now, more than ever, your support is needed. 

Showing Compassion

The most important thing you can do is simply be there in one form or another. Sometimes distance makes it impossible to be physically present when you are needed and you have to come up with ways to reach out. A phone call, flowers, or a sympathy card will all help, as well as a Condolence Gift Basket that shows a visible and insightful sign of your compassion, whether brought in person or delivered to their home.

A Beautiful And Thoughtful Arrangement

You will have many options in choosing just the right sympathy gift basket. It might be a Kosher gift basket, depending on the family’s orientation, or the correct basket for “sitting Shiva” where the timing is so important to fit into the seven-day mourning period. It doesn’t matter what type of basket you send or bring as long as it shows your respect and compassion for the grieving family. When you look for a Florida condolence gift basket, their expertise will garner a beautiful and thoughtful arrangement, based on your reflections of the family and their personal likes and dislikes. They will then be presented with a show of how you feel, that you’re there for them and you care.


Florida Condolence Gift Baskets

Expressing your sympathy in times of bereavement is never an easy thing to do. You want to make a gesture that shows your concern and sorrow for the family that is caring but not intrusive. Sending a Florida Condolence Gift Basket as a sympathy gift is a thoughtful and heartfelt way to do this. Your basket will be designed by experts, using your ideas and thoughts of the family and deceased, to create a gift that will perfectly express your feelings to the family during this time of sorrow. Sometimes words just cannot express our emotions and a condolence gift basket can help. You cannot take away their pain or suffering, but you can send a thoughtful, meaningful gift basket selected with them in mind.

Prepare Your Basket the Way You Choose

Sending a Condolence Gift Basket with the care and compassion you feel, takes some insight into the family’s moral and spiritual affiliations. What is presented in one gift basket may not be appropriate in another and the expert you have chosen to prepare your basket will know this, based on your knowledge and history of the family. They may suggest a kosher food basket, for example, if the family is Jewish. A kosher gift basket would contain only foods that comply with the strict kosher principles of cleanliness, purity and quality. To be certified kosher, all ingredients and processing of the food must be certified kosher.

Gift Baskets for Mourning

A Shiva gift basket is usually sent to the home of the person “sitting Shiva” which is a seven-day mourning period after the funeral of a loved one. Since this is a time of reflection, close relatives do not leave the house and it is customary for friends and relatives to bring or send gift baskets to provide nourishment to those in mourning so they can concentrate on dealing with their grief.