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Need Some Holiday Stress Relief? We Gotcha Covered!

It’s so funny that the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the most stressful. As we talked about last week, the social engagements make December one of our favorite seasons. Unfortunately, the gift buying pressure and endless amounts of “on” time can leave us in need of some serious R & R (along with a snifter or two of J & B).

Sadly, we can’t hand you boozy shots through the blog. What we can do though is help make this last week before Christmas a little easier by giving you a few last minute solutions to accommodate some holiday stress relief. Whether you need to take some “you” time, get in some much needed shopping or just need a gentle reminder of what Christmas is all about, we gotcha covered!


Holiday Stress Relief Solution #1: “You” Time.

Being around friends and family at this time of year is fantastic. No doubt about it. But sometimes we just need some space here and there to not have to be “on”. Grabbing a few moments – be it an evening, a day, or even just 5 minutes – to be alone can have wondrous effects on our psyches, giving us more energy to deal with the tasks – and people – at hand.

It’s no secret that “me” time is a valued, if not often scarce resource. There are a lot of pressures to be social, be at work, be there, be present, be busy, etc… And during the holiday season those ideals get even louder (literally). But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that taking just a few minutes to shut up and shut out makes all the difference – it allows me to re-charge, re-group, regulate & relieve anxiety. Think of it like a mental coffee break – it doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just means you need a moment to breathe.

To find time for some much needed “me” time, plan it out. Make a date with yourself and let people know you’ll be unavailable during that time. Give people the credit they deserve by letting them know what’s going on and expecting they’ll understand, Then, turn off the cell phone, shut down the computer, lock the door and do your thing. Start small then work up to larger periods of time if possible.

As cheesy as it sounds, make time for you. You – and everyone around you – will thank you for it.

Holiday Stress Relief Solution #2: Last Minute Shopping.

It’s less than a week before Christmas and you still have gifts to buy. Maybe it’s for your significant other, perhaps it’s your boss or administrative assistant, or even that neighbor who never fails to bring your trash cans in while you’re away. Point is, you still need to get something for someone important and you either aren’t sure what to get them or you’re too busy (see point number one) to brave one more trip to the mall.

Holiday Stress Relief

Solution: Get them a gourmet food basket. Everyone likes to eat, everyone needs food. Especially at this time of year. A beautiful and insanely delicious food basket is one of the most useful and applicable and welcome gifts you can give. Not only will the recipient enjoy mowing down on it themselves, but it could help to provide some holiday stress relief for them; Not sure what to bring to yet another party? Grab a few items from the basket and they’re SET! Ah, the beauty of a food-based gift basket… It doesn’t get any better than that!

We offer a variety of insanely good baskets for multiple budgets and even provide South Florida local delivery as well as nation-wide. Let us help you!

Holiday Stress Relief Solution #3: The Meaning of Christmas.

This is a big one. When all heck is raining down, shoppers are checking you through the check out, the roads are clogged with fellow drivers, that end of the year deadline is looming, the family is asking you about when you’re going to do X, Y, Z and you just don’t think you can stomach one more Christmas cookie, stop. That’s right, stop. And remember what Christmas is really about. All this frazzle dazzle really is meant to be fun – take a breath, smile and say “merry Christmas”.

Just. Breathe.

Yes, you’re busy. And so is everybody else. But we’re also meant to connect with each other during the holiday season and forget grudges and start anew. Enjoy the time you have with your family, friends and strangers, be joyous and remember: all that matters is this moment. How will you make it merry?

What are your solutions for fighting stress over the holidays? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!

Christmas Memories: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

The best part of the Christmas holidays for me isn’t the delicious food or the boozy affairs; it certainly isn’t the crazy holiday shopping! The shopping mall is insane this time of year (even more reason to use us for your holiday gift giving needs!) It’s something that means so much more – something more inspiring and fulfilling and ultimately joyous. And if Christmas isn’t about joy, then I don’t know what is!

The best part of the Christmas season for me is getting together with friends and welcoming family from out of town into my home. I love being in good company and getting to bask in the amazingness who they are and what they do with their lives. It seems it doesn’t matter how much time goes by, what kind of changes we go through or how we grow as individuals, when the holidays come around, we all come together and it’s like time hasn’t passed. We all just keep getting better, smarter and stronger with each passing year.

It makes me think of when I was small. Ah, Christmas memories. I think we can all remember what Christmas meant for us as children. For me it was about presents, mainly. And a big fat dude who received what seemed like an irrational amount of my mom’s yearly treats. And one long evening at my Grandmothers where I’d have to wear uncomfortable tights, a dress I couldn’t mess with and I’d have to hug random relatives I didn’t remember.

As I got older though, things started to shift. I suddenly didn’t mind sharing some of my tarts and cookies, I took pride in helping to clear the table after Turkey dinner, and I began to see the brilliance that my Grandmother is. Oh yeah, and the gifts didn’t seem quite as important as spending time with my family.

This truth has gotten more clear now that I’m old enough to remember The Beetles, Cabbage Patch Kids and MC Hammer Pants (that’s as old as you need to know). Don’t get me wrong – I love ripping into a package to discover a set of new Ridel wine glasses, Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, or a great vintage of my favorite wine. And over the last few years I’ve even begun to develop a moderately respectable knife collection. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

But ultimately, what’s important to me now, is sharing a few quiet moments with those I care about most. My partner. My family. My friends. And myself. If we can eat a few good nibbles and share a cocktail over good conversation, it’s been a good Christmas. And I’ve created all new Christmas memories.

And so, while I hope for you that Santa brings you everything you asked for, my real wish for you is that whether you’re with blood relatives or the family you’ve adopted into your life as the years have gone by, have a very, merry Christmas and be good. Good to each other and good to yourself. Make some Christmas memories.

What about you? What are your Christmas wishes this year? Childhood memories? Best parts of the holidays? Worst? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page!

Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets (order yours now)

Out of all the experiences you’ve had with various businesses and shops, which are the most memorable? What is it about those interactions that keep you coming back?

We don’t know about you, but it’s always the quality of service and care that causes us to maintain professional relationships. You know the ones: Someone who goes the extra mile to give a little added value; A phone call to say thanks; A gesture to provoke confidence… When we do business with someone who really goes out of their way to help us out and make us feel appreciated, it makes us feel good. We like to feel good. And we’re willing to bet you do too.

The same goes for your clients. If you can make someone feel good, they’ll remember it. Especially as the holidays approach and the line ups are long, social engagements are plenty and R & R is rare.

Which got us thinking… At this time of year, we’re sure you’re receiving cards, gifts, etc… from your clients and we’re sure you send the same. But so does everybody else. Everyone sends a card. Your clients do business with you because YOU are amazing and provide them with an experience unparalleled to the competition, so why not show them how much you care – and how unique your client service experience is – with one of our new holiday gift baskets?

Our holiday gift baskets are created with premium ingredients, making them unique in their quality and affect. We know how important it is that your clients feel important and valued which is why we focus on channeling that experience into our gifts; we want our baskets to represent the kind of virtue you put into your business. And we deliver, too – making the annual client appreciation holiday gift giving process easier!

Check out our store now and let us worry about the heavy lifting. We’ll put the holiday gift baskets together beautifully, using only the best products and wrapping, and make sure it gets delivered to the client when it needs to be. We have a wide range of prices from thrifty to extravagant, so there’s something to suit any budget. All you have to do is make a couple of clicks. Doesn’t get any classier – or more convenient – than that!

What are you doing for your clients this holiday season? What’s your most memorable client service experience?
Share with us now on our Facebook page!

Holidays Are Upon Us (Cyber Monday FREE coupon code!)

Can you believe how quickly the holidays are approaching??

Collage Xmas

Thanksgiving is today (thank you, by the way, for stopping by today!), Hannukah started yesterday, Christmas shopping has begun… It really is a smorgasbord of holiday magic right now! So much is happening in the Tasteful Gift workshop and while we may not have as many toys as Santa’s, we certainly have more treats! It’s a good thing we’re so busy to keep us fit during this holiday season!

And of course, there’s also Cyber Monday on December 2nd! To celebrate (and show you our appreciation) we’re giving you a Cyber Monday 20% off coupon on our baskets! The discount applies to all of our gift baskets, including all of our new packages, holiday baskets, and beautiful seasonal ones too!

For those of you who haven’t started your Christmas shopping, Cyber Monday is the time; For those of you who have, well done! Reward yourself (or those you care about) and dig in to one of our delectable new holiday baskets. You deserve it.

Just type CYBER20  on Cyber Monday at the check out to get 20% off your entire purchase!

It doesn’t get any easier than that! Let’s be honest – you’re a busy person! You’ve got meetings to go to, appointments to keep, family get togethers; let us make your holiday shopping easy. Just check out our store, check out at the check out and wait for your delicious gifts to show up at your door. Is there any better kind of delivery?? We didn’t think so.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Are you feeling joyful? Stressed out? Can we help? Which of our new baskets are you excited about? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page!

A Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Thanksgiving is a mere 2 weeks away! Are you ready?

Evidently Martha Stewart began planning her Thanksgiving months ago – as only she would – which got us thinking: We need a recipe “go to” list for the holidays! A resource that makes ourholiday menu planning easier. A one stop, Thanksgiving recipe shop, if you will!

Speaking of Martha – I had the opportunity to meet her at a summit a few weeks ago and her number one recommendation when hosting a holiday party is this: Have a good, strong cocktail available for your guests when they arrive. Already prepared, already poured and ready to be devoured. So let’s start there, shall we?

“Welcome to the party” Cocktails

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail – Food Network
Kristy’s Cold Weather Cocktail – Gastronomical Sovereignty
Pumpkin Pie Cocktail – My Baking Addiction
Perfect Storm – Martha Stewart
Cranberry Margarita – Confections of a Foodie Bride
Daiquiri – Food and Wine
Pomegranate Sangria – Bobby Flay

Snacks & Appetizers

Brandied Cranberries – Simply Recipes
Sweet Potato Squares with Lemon-Garlic Mayonnaise – My Recipes
Baked Fontina with Herbs – Ina Garten
Cristina’s Famous Nuts – Cristina Salas-Porras
Fig & Stilton Squares – Delish
Stuffed Mini Portobellos – The Cozy Apron
Butternut Squash and Sage Wontons – Food and Wine
Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds with Garlic Oil and Fried Sage – Epicurious


Potato Mash with Leek Confit & Bacon – In Pat’s Kitchen
Crunch Roast Potatoes – A Cup of Jo
Mini-Herbed Pommes Anna – Bon Appetit
Sweet Potatoes with Maple & Bourbon – Bon Appetit
Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes – The Pioneer Woman
Vanilla Sweet Potato Puree – Voltaggio Brothers
Classic Mashed Potatoes – Ina Garten


Rough & Rustic Stuffing – Gastronomical Sovereignty c/o Once Upon A Recipe
Italian Sausage and Bread Stuffing – Epicurious
Mom’s Stuffing – Savory Sweet Life
Wild Rice & Creamy Goat Cheese Stuffing – Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
Vegan Stuffing – Never Homemaker


Autumn Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette – Recipe Girl
Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts, Pancetta and Parsley – Eats Well with Others
Thanksgiving Green Beans – Racheal Ray
Broccoli Gratin with Swiss & Parmesan – Kalyn’s Kitchen
Kabocha Squash with Curried Wild Rice, Pomegranate Seeds and Kale – Arielle Likes to Cook
Creamy Fried Confetti Corn – My Recipes
Maple-Ginger Glazed Carrots – Delish


Apricot Glazed Turkey with Fresh Herb Gravy – Delish
Perfect Roast Turkey – Art and the Kitchen
Herb Butter Turkey – Tom Colicchio
Turkey Meatballs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce – Eat, Eat, Burp
Leek, Lemon & Feta Quiche – Allison Cay Parker
Baked Ham (with 10 variations) – Michael Smith
Traditional Roasted Turkey – Voltaggio Brothers

Gravy & Sauce

Quick Turkey Gravy – The Kitchn
Perfect Turkey Gravy – Martha Stewart
Cabernet Cranberry Sauce with Figs – Epicurious
Homemade Gravy – Ina Garten
Wild Mushroom Gravy – Oh My Veggies!
Pear, Brandy & Walnut Cranberry Sauce – NotLazy.Rustic.
Cranberry Apricot Relish – Food & Wine


Pumpkin Parmesan Biscuits – The Food Network
Sweet Dinner Rolls – Brown Eyed Baker
Rosemary Dinner Roll with Brie Cheese – Inspired Taste
Potato Herb Bread – Crumb
World’s Best Dinner Rolls – Our Best Bites
Pumpkin Dinner Rolls – Beyond Kimchee


Apple Cranberry Currant Pie – Simply Recipes
Mini-Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake – Urban Baker
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – Taste of Home
Cranberry Blueberry Pie – Annie’s Eats
Southern Pecan Pie – Add A Pinch
Chocolate Lava Fondant Pudding – Gastronomical Sovereignty
Best Apple Cake –
Pumpkin Cheese Cake with Marshmallow Sour Cream Topping – Epicurious
Mini Spiced Pumpkin Cakes – Food and Wine
Pumpkin Bread Budding with Caramel Sauce – Everyday Miracles and Mayhem

Or better yet… Bring one of our baskets to your next corporate event or family dinner party and spread the love!

What’s your favorite recipe for the holiday season? Are you going to make any of these? When do you start planning? Prepping? Eating? Share your Thanksgiving favorites with us on the A Tasteful Gift Facebook Page now!

Holiday Transitions

It’s official. We’re in holiday transition mode: Halloween is almost over (as my candy filled stomach can attest to) and the seasons are clearly making the transition from Autumn to Winter. I just saw my first Christmas commercial of the year last night!THANKS

But before we get into the mad dash of Christmas cocktail receptions, dinner parties, family gatherings and holiday shopping chaos, it’s time to think Thanksgiving. This occasion is a perfect opportunity for gifting a basket to your Thanksgiving dinner hostess or showing your co-workers or assistants how much you appreciate them. Gifting thanks before taking a holiday break from the office, passing evenings with good company and chowing down on slow roasted turkey, tangy orange cranberry sauce, rustic stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie topped with silky vanilla whipped cream, is a good thing.

Here at A Tasteful Gift we’ve started preparing for the holidays and we’re putting together some incredibly delicious gift baskets for the upcoming holidays. We’ve also got some exciting and more importantly, tasty holiday posts coming up here at A Tasteful Gift Blog and hope that you’ll join us! Keep an eye out – and salivating taste buds – for holiday entertaining tips and tricks, holiday themed recipes and of course, a wide collection of new gift baskets designed for one thing: celebrating the holidays with the ones we love most at this time of year!

What about you? What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Have you started planning yet? What do you need help with? Have any seasonal favorites to share with us? Tips?

Share with us at the A Tasteful Gift Facebook page now!

National Boss’s Day – October 16th

“If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.”
– Bill Gates

We quote this with jest, of course. If you’re human, you probably know what it’s like to have a boss. We all work hard in our lives, many of us up to 50 or 60 hours a week. This leaves us with a lot of face time with the people we work with. In fact, we often see more of them than we do anyone else! That’s what days like this are for. To give thanks and credit where credit is due. October 16th is National Boss’s Day. And we’re proud to celebrate it with you all!

Boss's Day Gift Basket

I remember my first experience with a boss when I entered the job market with a little bit of tenderness and as the years wore on, a whole lot more understanding. Being the boss isn’t easy. Especially when they hire a weak kneed, flighty 20 year old who wants nothing more than to lay on the beach, snacking and drinking mojitos. Never mind the agonizingly difficult decisions they have to make on a daily basis, the quotas they have to fill and the questions they have to answer.

But she stood by me. Sometimes with an iron fist, sometimes with a knowing tone in her voice, often with support and understanding. It was my first boss that taught me about true responsibility, email etiquette and how to persevere past the big obstacles that came my way. We’ve all had our fair share of not so great bosses, but to those who took the extra time to teach us with patience and stand by us when we made our mistakes, we owe them thanks for shaping us into the grown ups we are today.

And even now, almost 20 years later, I still want nothing more than to lay on a beach and drink mojitos. The difference, of course, is that I have bills to pay and a far greater drive to succeed. I have goals, one of which included becoming my own boss, which I now am. For those who are also their own boss, you can agree that you are far harder on yourself than any other boss ever was, so take full advantage of this holiday and rightfully reward yourself as well!

National Boss’s Day is an opportunity for us to thank our bosses for their guidance, support, and daily diligence in the office. They often go far above and beyond what we ever think to do and that’s why they’re where they are. So let’s thank them, shall we?

Gift baskets are a generous way to show our appreciation. They look good, the taste good, and more importantly, they feel good. There’s no better way to bump your salary pay grade than by cajoling your boss with a basket of gourmet, tasty treats… You know, besides work hard.

To those of us who have ever had bosses, who are bosses, or maybe are our own bosses, happy National Boss’s Day everybody. Let’s chow down and celebrate, yes?

What’s your most memorable boss memory? Are you a boss yourself? How are you celebrating National Boss’s Day? Have you remembered a gift? Need one? Can we help?

Welcome to the NEW A Tasteful Gift Blog! Gourmet Gifting Ideas for All Occasions

Welcome to the new and improved A Tasteful Gift Blog for Gift Giving Ideas!

As you can see, we’ve been gift wrapped nice and pretty and are ready to share our bounty with you. Some of the changes you might notice are new links to our social media accounts, social media feeds and of course, some snazzy new titles in the sidebar.  We’re lookin’ good! And that’s just on the surface…

Open us up and you’ll also soon start seeing new posts featuring all kinds of fun things including ways to celebrate the upcoming holidays in style, delicious recipes, seasonal anecdotes, gifting tutorials, solutions to your gift giving woes (you know the ones – those loved people in your life who you just don’t know what to get….ever.), and some pretty amazing new baskets featuring goodies you’re just going to want to rip into! If you like gifts, you’re gonna like us.

….Not to mention some fabulous new photos of the current baskets. Can’t WAIT!

But enough about us – what about YOU!? What do you want to see on the A Tasteful Gift’s blog? Introduce yourself! We’d love to hear from you. Like us on Facebook to catch our most up to date news,  or send us an email. Let’s get gifting!

Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

Welcome to our new blog for A Tasteful Gift Gourmet Gift Baskets.  We are excited to be able to have a special place to share our favorite new gift basket items plus tips on how to choose the perfect basket for any occasion.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Photo of a Gourmet Gift Basket

All gift baskets are definitely not created equal. Ours use only the very best ingredients while many inexpensive baskets do not.

Be sure you please those you gift by sending only the tastiest goodies as carefully arranged as a work of art.

We hope you’ll take the time to visit our store and view all our gift baskets. If you don’t see exactly what you want, request custom gift baskets made to order just for you.


New to our site? Be sure to see our testimonials page. We want you to be assured that our baskets are as beautiful in person as they are in the photos. Here is just one testimonial to give you an idea how our baskets are received:

“I first had an opportunity to utilize the services of A Tasteful Gift last year for our Doctor’s Day celebration.  We arranged to have a specialized gourmet theme gift basket put together at a price that fit well within our budget.  The packages were assembled with great care and detail.  Each one looked like a work of art and we received many compliments from our medical staff.  A Tasteful Gift was always very responsive to our needs.  I highly recommend their services.”

Medical Staff Services, Miami Children’s Hospital

Local Delivery to South Florida

Have your gift basket delivered by local courier to certain zip codes in the Miami, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale areas.

National Shipping

Or have your gift basket delivered anywhere in the contiguous U.S. (48 states except for Alaska and Hawaii via Federal Express ground service.

See our Ordering information page for additional delivery details and delivery schedule.

Questions? We would love to hear from you. Give us a call Local at (954) 747-7177 or Toll-free  (877) 310-4438 or E-mail