Birthday Gift Basket

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Birthday Gift

As we all get a little older, it seems birthdays don’t quite hold the significance that they did when we were small. Instead of a party full of balloons, pin the tail on the donkey, we’re content to enjoy a good meal with a few close friends and a couple bottles of fine wine.

Celebrating our birthdays doesn’t have to be less exciting as we age – in fact, they should become more so! When we’re young, a birthday is an opportunity for junk food and giggling children to play. As we get older (and wiser, mind you), there’s more to celebrate. Academic achievements, professional accomplishments, lessons learned, friendships nurtured, families grown. And as our tastes refine, so can the gifts we give.

A birthday gift basket is not only tasteful but tasty! They’re dignified and in leading the busy lives that we do, they’re already wrapped beautifully – just waiting to be ripped open and devoured. Whether you prefer something wine friendly like our Tasteful Gourmet Basket, savory like the goodies found in our Gourmet Celebration Basket, sweet like our Chocolate Madness Basket, or fun like our Happy Birthday Basket, there’s always a collection of fine indulgements to share with the birthday girl (or boy). Chuck in that cheap bottle of wine and you’re all set! Who needs cake when you have a whopping selection of carefully chosen and elegantly packaged delicious treats? Not me, that’s for sure!

I know we live in a culture of youth and that aging is often resisted and refuted. But as each birthday rolls around, we can give thanks to ourselves and each other and use it as an opportunity for celebration. For reflection. For laughter. For eating. Aging doesn’t mean getting old, it means getting happier. And if you define happiness like I do, a little bit plumper. And I’m good with that.

Yes. I believe we should celebrate our birthdays as we grow and the memories we have with each other. I honestly can’t think of anything better than sharing a bottle of wine with close friends and family, while savoring on decadent chocolates, gourmet cheese and dips or delicious olives and re-counting our histories while toasting the future. That’s a birthday I can get on board with. How about you?

How do you celebrate your birthday? Is it something you look forward to? Or resist? Do you have a favorite birthday snack? Which basket would you like to get on your birthday?