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Why Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Corporate Holiday Gift

It’s not enough that you spend months agonizing over what gifts to get your closest family members and friends for the holidays – when you work in a corporate office, you may also feel obligated to provide a corporate holiday gift for coworkers, supervisors, clients, vendors, and more, exponentially increasing your stress during this season of giving. And when you’re working with a budget and you have little time to spare, the last thing you want to think about is how to please business associates that you probably don’t even know very well. Instead of giving up and just offering Starbucks gift cards to everyone this year, consider that corporate gift baskets could be the perfect compromise when the holidays roll around.

You’ve no doubt given gift baskets before for all kinds of occasions, probably even for the holidays. And as a result, you’ll see the wisdom in offering a virtual smorgasbord of seasonal goodies to the people in your office. For starters, you have practically unlimited options. For example, you can head to a fancy food supplier in your area to create your own gourmet gift baskets for coworkers and clients, or you can hit up an online outlet that offers exceptional baskets for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for Hanukkah or Christmas gift baskets, you’ll find ready-made options online.

Even better, you can tailor baskets to recipients. Are you looking for a corporate holiday gift basket that’s sized to accommodate an entire office or are you more interested in smaller options that are better suited to individualized gift giving? Do you prefer to give a medley of cheese and crackers or would you rather offer chocolates, wine, or even seasonal specialties like cookies and candy canes? There are options available to suit every budget and food preference, and you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting when you order online and have your corporate gift baskets assembled, wrapped, and delivered directly to recipients.

If you simply don’t have the time and inclination to shop for a corporate holiday gift or assemble your own basket, you’ll be pleased to find a wide selection of appropriate gift baskets online. You’ll save time, money, and unneeded stress when you opt to go this route for corporate gifting. And this will free you up to enjoy the spirit of the season, devoting yourself to what’s truly important at this special time of year: your family.

Thanksgiving Recipes for 2014

thanksgiving-recipesIt’s getting to be that time of year when people start thinking about decorations, charitable donations, family feasts, Thanksgiving recipes, and gourmet gift baskets full of goodies for family, friends, and coworkers. That’s right – the winter holidays are nearly upon us. It seems like just yesterday that the kids returned to school, but with the leaves falling and that telltale bite in the air that signals impending snowfall, there’s no denying that the holidays are around the corner. And before you start choosing your Christmas gift baskets, you need to think about how you’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Many view this event as the quintessential family holiday, a time to enjoy the bounty they’ve been blessed with. This includes celebrating the loved ones that are still able to get together each year to give thanks for all that they have. But it’s also traditional to mark this special day in our nation’s history with a feast to commemorate the coming together of different cultures to break bread and observe that we are all virtually the same. After all, we all want love, comfort, and security. And we all enjoy a good meal!

The traditional centerpiece of this meal is, of course, the turkey. And there is no shortage of sides to complement the main dish, from potatoes, stuffing, and salad to the many sauces and dressings that exemplify the signature produce of the season. Nature provides a veritable gift basket of tasty treats in the fall, including squash, pumpkins, and cranberries. And all could be found on your holiday table, provided you have the right recipes to whip them into delicious dishes.

While you might have some family Thanksgiving recipes up your sleeve for seasonal favorites like homemade dinner rolls and apple pie, you could always add a few new ones to the mix, or even update some that you’ve grown tired of. And if you’ve never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner before, you could definitely use a hand on the recipe front. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to feed your family and friends right, with recipes ranging from starter cocktails and hors d’oeuvres straight through to the last bite of pie.

Before you start planning this year’s holiday gift basket selection, you’ll want to spend some time putting together a feast for the special day that kicks off the season of giving. Let visions of a cheese and snack gift basket dance through your head when the holiday shopping starts in earnest. For now, take a gander at some Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to be a hit with everyone lucky enough to be at your table this year.

“Welcome to the party” Cocktails

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail – Food Network
Kristy’s Cold Weather Cocktail – Gastronomical Sovereignty
Pumpkin Pie Cocktail – My Baking Addiction
Perfect Storm – Martha Stewart
Cranberry Margarita – Confections of a Foodie Bride
Daiquiri – Food and Wine
Pomegranate Sangria – Bobby Flay

Snacks & Appetizers

Brandied Cranberries – Simply Recipes
Sweet Potato Squares with Lemon-Garlic Mayonnaise – My Recipes
Baked Fontina with Herbs – Ina Garten
Cristina’s Famous Nuts – Cristina Salas-Porras
Fig & Stilton Squares – Delish
Stuffed Mini Portobellos – The Cozy Apron
Butternut Squash and Sage Wontons – Food and Wine
Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds with Garlic Oil and Fried Sage – Epicurious


Potato Mash with Leek Confit & Bacon – In Pat’s Kitchen
Crunch Roast Potatoes – A Cup of Jo
Mini-Herbed Pommes Anna – Bon Appetit
Sweet Potatoes with Maple & Bourbon – Bon Appetit
Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes – The Pioneer Woman
Vanilla Sweet Potato Puree – Voltaggio Brothers
Classic Mashed Potatoes – Ina Garten


Rough & Rustic Stuffing – Gastronomical Sovereignty c/o Once Upon A Recipe
Italian Sausage and Bread Stuffing – Epicurious
Mom’s Stuffing – Savory Sweet Life
Wild Rice & Creamy Goat Cheese Stuffing – Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
Vegan Stuffing – Never Homemaker


Autumn Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette – Recipe Girl
Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts, Pancetta and Parsley – Eats Well with Others
Thanksgiving Green Beans – Racheal Ray
Broccoli Gratin with Swiss & Parmesan – Kalyn’s Kitchen
Kabocha Squash with Curried Wild Rice, Pomegranate Seeds and Kale – Arielle Likes to Cook
Creamy Fried Confetti Corn – My Recipes
Maple-Ginger Glazed Carrots – Delish


Apricot Glazed Turkey with Fresh Herb Gravy – Delish
Perfect Roast Turkey – Art and the Kitchen
Herb Butter Turkey – Tom Colicchio
Turkey Meatballs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce – Eat, Eat, Burp
Leek, Lemon & Feta Quiche – Allison Cay Parker
Baked Ham (with 10 variations) – Michael Smith
Traditional Roasted Turkey – Voltaggio Brothers

Gravy & Sauce

Quick Turkey Gravy – The Kitchn
Perfect Turkey Gravy – Martha Stewart
Cabernet Cranberry Sauce with Figs – Epicurious
Homemade Gravy – Ina Garten
Wild Mushroom Gravy – Oh My Veggies!
Pear, Brandy & Walnut Cranberry Sauce – NotLazy.Rustic.
Cranberry Apricot Relish – Food & Wine


Pumpkin Parmesan Biscuits – The Food Network
Sweet Dinner Rolls – Brown Eyed Baker
Rosemary Dinner Roll with Brie Cheese – Inspired Taste
Potato Herb Bread – Crumb
World’s Best Dinner Rolls – Our Best Bites
Pumpkin Dinner Rolls – Beyond Kimchee


Apple Cranberry Currant Pie – Simply Recipes
Mini-Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake – Urban Baker
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – Taste of Home
Cranberry Blueberry Pie – Annie’s Eats
Southern Pecan Pie – Add A Pinch
Chocolate Lava Fondant Pudding – Gastronomical Sovereignty
Best Apple Cake –
Pumpkin Cheese Cake with Marshmallow Sour Cream Topping – Epicurious
Mini Spiced Pumpkin Cakes – Food and Wine
Pumpkin Bread Budding with Caramel Sauce – Everyday Miracles and Mayhem

Or better yet… Bring one of our baskets to your next corporate event or family dinner party and spread the love!


Be Well, Get Well Soon

Well, we’re a week into the new year and hopefully your New Years Goals are holding up thus far! It’s the time of year we all work a little harder to get well and healthy – and rightfully so! After all those cookies and cakes and bottles of wine, I know my body is screaming at me to move and eat lettuce!

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when a lot of us fall ill to colds, flu and other nasty bugs. And no wonder – after a month of treats and too much alcohol, I’m sure most of our immune systems are struggling! Don’t get me wrong – I loved seeing all my family and friends and eating all those rich, decadent meals. What I don’t love is feeling achy and coughing up a lung.

Get Well Soon_M (2)

So, to help you feel your best this January, here a few recommendations for keeping well in the new year:

  • Get lots of rest! This means setting a bed time and sticking to it. That’s right – go to bed by 10:30PM and get a solid 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs time to repair itself and this is when it gets that opportunity.
  • Eat your vegetables. I know, I know. Winter vegetables don’t exactly scream excitement – at least not in the same way that Summer ones do – but there are some pretty incredible things you can do with nutrient rich veggies like beets, carrots, brussel sprouts, oranges and even cabbage!
  • Dress appropriately. Bundle up if you’re in a cold climate, wear supportive shoes, be sure to have a sweater handy. You want your body to feel comfortable so it has the least amount of stress on it as possible.
  • Move it. This is a part of many of our new years goals – to exercise more. Okay, great. Now do it. For your body and mind to function optimally, it needs to get worked. Stretch those muscles and make a point to get your heart rate up. Plus, you’ll sleep better! (see point A).
  • Drink plenty of water. And by plenty, I mean almost enough that you’re ready to explode. Aim for 8 full glasses a day. Every time you get up off the couch or from your desk, chug a glass back. Not only will this make you feel better, but your brain and body can work properly when they’re lubricated AND you’ll wash out all the remaining holiday toxins and bugs that linger in a dry belly.
  • Love well. Being kind and showing your co-workers, friends and neighbors how much you care for them does wonders for the spirit and if Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that the a well fed spirit makes for a well fed body.

Speaking of loving well, one way you can show those you care is with a get well soon gift basket! Not only will sending a basket loaded with amazing treats like cookies, coffee and snack mixes make you feel better, but wishing someone you care about a speedy recovery – while they get to enjoy cheese, crackers and sweet popcorn – makes them feel pretty good too.

Speedy Recover Gift Box_M

Sharing is caring, after all. So why not show your friends, family or co-workers that you’re thinking of them in their time of need, by gifting them A Tasteful Gift basket? Wish them well as we wish you well, in this new year! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!

How are you keeping well this month? What are your wellness solutions? Know anyone who needs a little extra support? Contact us to see how we can help or check out our get well soon baskets!

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Need Some Holiday Stress Relief? We Gotcha Covered!

It’s so funny that the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the most stressful. As we talked about last week, the social engagements make December one of our favorite seasons. Unfortunately, the gift buying pressure and endless amounts of “on” time can leave us in need of some serious R & R (along with a snifter or two of J & B).

Sadly, we can’t hand you boozy shots through the blog. What we can do though is help make this last week before Christmas a little easier by giving you a few last minute solutions to accommodate some holiday stress relief. Whether you need to take some “you” time, get in some much needed shopping or just need a gentle reminder of what Christmas is all about, we gotcha covered!


Holiday Stress Relief Solution #1: “You” Time.

Being around friends and family at this time of year is fantastic. No doubt about it. But sometimes we just need some space here and there to not have to be “on”. Grabbing a few moments – be it an evening, a day, or even just 5 minutes – to be alone can have wondrous effects on our psyches, giving us more energy to deal with the tasks – and people – at hand.

It’s no secret that “me” time is a valued, if not often scarce resource. There are a lot of pressures to be social, be at work, be there, be present, be busy, etc… And during the holiday season those ideals get even louder (literally). But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that taking just a few minutes to shut up and shut out makes all the difference – it allows me to re-charge, re-group, regulate & relieve anxiety. Think of it like a mental coffee break – it doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just means you need a moment to breathe.

To find time for some much needed “me” time, plan it out. Make a date with yourself and let people know you’ll be unavailable during that time. Give people the credit they deserve by letting them know what’s going on and expecting they’ll understand, Then, turn off the cell phone, shut down the computer, lock the door and do your thing. Start small then work up to larger periods of time if possible.

As cheesy as it sounds, make time for you. You – and everyone around you – will thank you for it.

Holiday Stress Relief Solution #2: Last Minute Shopping.

It’s less than a week before Christmas and you still have gifts to buy. Maybe it’s for your significant other, perhaps it’s your boss or administrative assistant, or even that neighbor who never fails to bring your trash cans in while you’re away. Point is, you still need to get something for someone important and you either aren’t sure what to get them or you’re too busy (see point number one) to brave one more trip to the mall.

Holiday Stress Relief

Solution: Get them a gourmet food basket. Everyone likes to eat, everyone needs food. Especially at this time of year. A beautiful and insanely delicious food basket is one of the most useful and applicable and welcome gifts you can give. Not only will the recipient enjoy mowing down on it themselves, but it could help to provide some holiday stress relief for them; Not sure what to bring to yet another party? Grab a few items from the basket and they’re SET! Ah, the beauty of a food-based gift basket… It doesn’t get any better than that!

We offer a variety of insanely good baskets for multiple budgets and even provide South Florida local delivery as well as nation-wide. Let us help you!

Holiday Stress Relief Solution #3: The Meaning of Christmas.

This is a big one. When all heck is raining down, shoppers are checking you through the check out, the roads are clogged with fellow drivers, that end of the year deadline is looming, the family is asking you about when you’re going to do X, Y, Z and you just don’t think you can stomach one more Christmas cookie, stop. That’s right, stop. And remember what Christmas is really about. All this frazzle dazzle really is meant to be fun – take a breath, smile and say “merry Christmas”.

Just. Breathe.

Yes, you’re busy. And so is everybody else. But we’re also meant to connect with each other during the holiday season and forget grudges and start anew. Enjoy the time you have with your family, friends and strangers, be joyous and remember: all that matters is this moment. How will you make it merry?

What are your solutions for fighting stress over the holidays? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!

Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets (order yours now)

Out of all the experiences you’ve had with various businesses and shops, which are the most memorable? What is it about those interactions that keep you coming back?

We don’t know about you, but it’s always the quality of service and care that causes us to maintain professional relationships. You know the ones: Someone who goes the extra mile to give a little added value; A phone call to say thanks; A gesture to provoke confidence… When we do business with someone who really goes out of their way to help us out and make us feel appreciated, it makes us feel good. We like to feel good. And we’re willing to bet you do too.

The same goes for your clients. If you can make someone feel good, they’ll remember it. Especially as the holidays approach and the line ups are long, social engagements are plenty and R & R is rare.

Which got us thinking… At this time of year, we’re sure you’re receiving cards, gifts, etc… from your clients and we’re sure you send the same. But so does everybody else. Everyone sends a card. Your clients do business with you because YOU are amazing and provide them with an experience unparalleled to the competition, so why not show them how much you care – and how unique your client service experience is – with one of our new holiday gift baskets?

Our holiday gift baskets are created with premium ingredients, making them unique in their quality and affect. We know how important it is that your clients feel important and valued which is why we focus on channeling that experience into our gifts; we want our baskets to represent the kind of virtue you put into your business. And we deliver, too – making the annual client appreciation holiday gift giving process easier!

Check out our store now and let us worry about the heavy lifting. We’ll put the holiday gift baskets together beautifully, using only the best products and wrapping, and make sure it gets delivered to the client when it needs to be. We have a wide range of prices from thrifty to extravagant, so there’s something to suit any budget. All you have to do is make a couple of clicks. Doesn’t get any classier – or more convenient – than that!

What are you doing for your clients this holiday season? What’s your most memorable client service experience?
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Holidays Are Upon Us (Cyber Monday FREE coupon code!)

Can you believe how quickly the holidays are approaching??

Collage Xmas

Thanksgiving is today (thank you, by the way, for stopping by today!), Hannukah started yesterday, Christmas shopping has begun… It really is a smorgasbord of holiday magic right now! So much is happening in the Tasteful Gift workshop and while we may not have as many toys as Santa’s, we certainly have more treats! It’s a good thing we’re so busy to keep us fit during this holiday season!

And of course, there’s also Cyber Monday on December 2nd! To celebrate (and show you our appreciation) we’re giving you a Cyber Monday 20% off coupon on our baskets! The discount applies to all of our gift baskets, including all of our new packages, holiday baskets, and beautiful seasonal ones too!

For those of you who haven’t started your Christmas shopping, Cyber Monday is the time; For those of you who have, well done! Reward yourself (or those you care about) and dig in to one of our delectable new holiday baskets. You deserve it.

Just type CYBER20  on Cyber Monday at the check out to get 20% off your entire purchase!

It doesn’t get any easier than that! Let’s be honest – you’re a busy person! You’ve got meetings to go to, appointments to keep, family get togethers; let us make your holiday shopping easy. Just check out our store, check out at the check out and wait for your delicious gifts to show up at your door. Is there any better kind of delivery?? We didn’t think so.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Are you feeling joyful? Stressed out? Can we help? Which of our new baskets are you excited about? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page!

Hanukkah: We’re All Kosher

Next Wednesday marks the start of Hanukkah (also spelled, Chanukah), an 8 day Jewish festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. It begins Wednesday, November 27 and runs through to Thursday, December 5th.

As forklore goes, more than twenty-one centuries ago, Israel was under attack by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks). Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews defeated them and in effect, restored order to the holy land. However, when they went to light the Temple’s menorah, they discovered only a single cruse of olive oil had escaped contamination by the Greeks.  Miraculously, the one day supply burned for the entirety of 8 days.

The sages thereby instituted the festival of Chanukah to commemorate this miracle – the center of which is a nightly menorah lighting wherein everyone gathers around the menorah, blessings are recited from a prayerbook, and a candle is lit each night followed by the singing of hymns and sharing of Chanukah stories and games, such as Dreidel, and gifts are presented. This happens each night for the duration of the holiday.

To celebrate this event, we’ve got a ton of new baskets – all of which are Kosher certified! This means you can make A Tasteful Gift a part of your special holiday! We’ve made it easy to share amazing baskets loaded with incredible tasty treats with your co-workers, friends and family for this meaningful holiday.

Speaking of tasty treats, as olive oil is at the center of Hanukkah, some of the dishes Jewish people eat during this celebration are cheese, donuts and our personal favorite, latkes! We’ve collected 5 amazing recipes you can make to chow down – everything from classic to gluten-free to spicy to just plain luxurious:

1. Standard Potato Latkes from Epicurious

2. Classic Potato Latkes from Shiksa In the Kitchen

3. Gluten-Free Latkes from New Family Nutrition

4. Sweet Potato Latkes with Homemade Apple Sauce from Kitchenelly

5. Cilantro Jalapeno Latkes with Cilantro Sour Cream from Ingredients Inc.

Could it get any better?? Quick, elegant and beautiful gifts PLUS fried potato goodness… Happy Hanukkah everybody!

Do you celebrate Hanukkah? What’s your favorite tradition? Most precious Hanukkah memory? Have your own latke recipe? Share with us on our Facebook page!