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How to Show Your Appreciation This Thanksgiving

The holidays bring out the spirit of giving in all of us. And you’re probably already making plans for the gifts you’ll bestow upon your family members and friends when Christmas, Hanukkah, or your particular winter celebration rolls around. While Thanksgiving isn’t usually tied to a tradition of gifting, there’s no better time of year to put some effort into thanking the special people in your life for all they bring to the table – and we’re not talking about Grandma’s sweet potato pie. So don’t wait to put together custom Christmas gift baskets. Instead, show your appreciation for loved ones with gift baskets made for the holiday devoted to gratitude.

Thanksgiving Gift Basket

There are so many ways to show your appreciation for everything that your loved ones contribute to your life. But the best thing you can do is show that you take an interest in their lives, too. If your friends love to go to the movies, a gift basket featuring popcorn, candy, and passes to a local theater could be just the ticket to express your gratitude for their warm friendship. And if your parents are partial to sweet treats, a holiday gift basket bearing a bevy of cookies and chocolates is the perfect way to let them know how much you treasure their unconditional love.

You can even put together gourmet gift baskets for special coworkers that go out of their way to make your job easier or pick you up when you’re having a particularly hard day. Although you might not know what they like, you can’t really go wrong with a cheese and snack gift basket that will give them something to munch on while they wait for the turkey to roast. Thanksgiving has “giving” right in the name, so why wouldn’t you go out of your way to honor and show your appreciation for the special people in your life?

It never hurts to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them. But actions speak louder than words. And by putting the time and effort into selecting a unique gift basket that you know the recipient will love, you have the opportunity to speak volumes. It’s rare that people get the gratitude they deserve for the efforts they make, both big and small. But by giving gift baskets this Thanksgiving as tokens of your affection and love, you can let the special people surrounding you know just how much you appreciate them and all that they do to make your life better.

Sympathy During Shiva…

Shiva. Or if you aren’t Jewish, mourning after death. I think we can all empathize or feel sympathy for anyone who has lost someone.  It’s not an easy topic to talk about so we’ll be gentle.

Regardless of religion, background, age, gender or location, we can all identify with that awful sense of loss. And it doesn’t matter if it’s expected or not, too soon or not soon enough, it’s never easy.

Sympathy Ribbon for ShivaI remember the first time I lost a relative. I was young and didn’t really quite understand what was happening except that I couldn’t see my Grandma anymore. As I grew older, death came more into focus and so did the pain of passing friends and loved ones. Occasionally it’s been for the best – be it from age, pain or illness – too often it hasn’t. I’ve sought solace and comfort in my own ways as I’m sure you have, but I think we can agree: Knowing we aren’t alone in those difficult moments makes all the difference.

For me, that support has been announced by a hug from my brother, a thoughtful phone call from a co-worker, and once even a slumber party complete with my two best friends, DVDs, pajamas with feet and a few too many bottles of wine. Each one so special and significant in their own ways, but all of them arrived at the exact right moment when I needed them.

And of course, I’ve tried to return the favor for those in my life. Homemade cookies, a letter, a look, a laugh. We all need different things during times of grief and mourning, but hopefully we’re all surrounded by love.

We hope that during your periods of Shiva or mourning, that you are supported and loved. If we can be a part of your day, we’d be honored. Many of our condolence gift baskets are Kosher and since flowers are often not brought to Shiva, make an appropriate and tasteful gift alternative.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.00.15 PM

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Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets (order yours now)

Out of all the experiences you’ve had with various businesses and shops, which are the most memorable? What is it about those interactions that keep you coming back?

We don’t know about you, but it’s always the quality of service and care that causes us to maintain professional relationships. You know the ones: Someone who goes the extra mile to give a little added value; A phone call to say thanks; A gesture to provoke confidence… When we do business with someone who really goes out of their way to help us out and make us feel appreciated, it makes us feel good. We like to feel good. And we’re willing to bet you do too.

The same goes for your clients. If you can make someone feel good, they’ll remember it. Especially as the holidays approach and the line ups are long, social engagements are plenty and R & R is rare.

Which got us thinking… At this time of year, we’re sure you’re receiving cards, gifts, etc… from your clients and we’re sure you send the same. But so does everybody else. Everyone sends a card. Your clients do business with you because YOU are amazing and provide them with an experience unparalleled to the competition, so why not show them how much you care – and how unique your client service experience is – with one of our new holiday gift baskets?

Our holiday gift baskets are created with premium ingredients, making them unique in their quality and affect. We know how important it is that your clients feel important and valued which is why we focus on channeling that experience into our gifts; we want our baskets to represent the kind of virtue you put into your business. And we deliver, too – making the annual client appreciation holiday gift giving process easier!

Check out our store now and let us worry about the heavy lifting. We’ll put the holiday gift baskets together beautifully, using only the best products and wrapping, and make sure it gets delivered to the client when it needs to be. We have a wide range of prices from thrifty to extravagant, so there’s something to suit any budget. All you have to do is make a couple of clicks. Doesn’t get any classier – or more convenient – than that!

What are you doing for your clients this holiday season? What’s your most memorable client service experience?
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