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Best Adult Drinks for the Holiday’s

The kids are asleep and the adults are getting things together for the Holidays. Enjoy these delicious and easy recipes that are sure to be a hit.


During the holiday season some drinks are most loved and welcomed by the adults. Besides, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years right around the corner, what better time then now to break out the recipe book and start enjoying some of your favorite adult beverages?

Colonial Hot Buttered Rum

1 cup of rum

1/2 cup light cream

3 whole cloves

1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg

1 cinnamon stick

1 quart of hot water

1/4 cup butter

A pinch of salt

1 cup of brown sugar

Combine all ingredients, except rum, into a sauce pan & simmer until hot. Turn of heat and slowly stir in the rum. Pour into four mugs, and enjoy!

Peppermint Martini

1 fluid ounce peppermint schnapps

10 fluid ounces vanilla-flavored vodka

4 fluid ounces white crème de menthe

Pour all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain into 4 glasses and garnish with a candy cane. Enjoy the holidays the right way, with this delicious holiday-inspired martini!

Gingerbread Martini

4 tablespoons ginger liqueur

2 cups of ice cubes

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 1/2 tablespoons of coffee-flavored rum

4 teaspoons of whipping cream

4 tablespoons of vanilla-citrus liqueur

Crushed ginger snaps

Rim the glasses with ginger liqueur and the ginger snaps. Then, add the ingredients to the shaker and shake, shake, shake. Finally, strain into 2 martini glasses, and enjoy a holiday favorite with a delicious twist!

3 Candy Cane Holiday Treat Recipes

Candy canes are a well know Christmas treat. Some families hang them on their tree and others receive them in their stocking. Whatever the case, candy canes are a sweet treat that are a staple of the holidays.

Candy Cane Fudge

Who doesn’t love fudge during the holidays? But how about fudge with a delicious peppermint twist! This recipe is so simple, it only requires 3 ingredients. A cup of crushed candy canes, a 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, and 20 ounces of white chocolate chips.

Pour the white chocolate chips into a medium saucepan and place over medium heat. Slowly stir in the condensed milk, and mix until the white chocolate chips are completely melted. Next, stir in the candy canes and begin spreading the mixture evenly on your already foiled and greased baking pan. Finally, place your fudge in the fridge for 2 hours – and enjoy!

Candy Cane Popcorn

This recipe, like the one above, only requires 3 ingredients. Enjoy a delicious sweet and tasty treat for the holidays, without working over a hot stove for hours! Hey what better way to enjoy a Christmas movie, than with a bowl of popcorn, right? But this isn’t just any ordinary of popcorn, this is a savory sweet candy cane flavored popcorn that is sure to set the holiday mood.

You will need 1 cup of uncooked popcorn, 9 candy canes (crushed), and 6 ounces of confectioners coating – vanilla flavored. After popping the popcorn, place it in a large bowl and pour the melted coating over the top along with the crushed candy canes. Mix it all together with your hands. Let the mixture cool, and hit play on your movie!

Candy Cane Cocoa

Imagine spending Christmas Eve, and the days leading up to it, enjoying a cup of warm cocoa by the fire. Now imagine a touch of peppermint to add to the already intense flavor. Go ahead and let the kids grab a candy cane off the tree, you’re going to need it for this recipe!

You will need 5 cups of milk, 5 ounces of chocolate chips, 5 crushed candy canes, and whipped cream. Mix the milk, chocolate chips, and candy canes in a medium pan and heat thoroughly until the ingredients have blended together. Pour the hot cocoa into 5 cups, top with whipped cream and allow the kids to grab 5 whole candy canes from the tree. Place one candy cane into each cup as a stirring stick, and voila!

A Thankful Thanksgiving: Creating a Themed Gift Basket

The holidays always bring out the best in people. Thanksgiving is a time for being appreciative for our many blessings. Though gift giving is more deeply associated with Christmas or Birthdays, Thanksgiving can be the perfect time to show just how thankful we are for someone simply being a part of our lives.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Thanksgiving is synonymous with good food. Families come together to enjoy traditional cuisine, share memories, and to show how thankful we are for our lives and our blessings. Sharing gifts is not normally a tradition of thanksgiving, but there are a plethora of reasons as to why one would send a memorable gift, such as a Holiday Gift Basket.

An Empty Seat

An empty seat at the Thanksgiving table sometimes just cannot be avoided. A business trip, can’t afford a road trip this year, whatever the reason – we can’t always be where we want to be. In these cases, you don’t have to sacrifice leaving a lasting impression. In fact, you may still be the talk of the table. Sending a Thanksgiving Gift Basket in your stead can be a sentimental way to let everyone know your heart is there with them, as well as your best wishes.

Corporate Gift Giving

This season, going the extra mile can have lasting benefits. Whether it is your boss, clients, coworkers, employees, or vendors – gift giving can be more than merely a kind gesture. It can be the difference between another greeting card, and a truly meaningful gift that will leave a lasting impression. What is more likely to make a change in your business dealings? A cliché greeting card with a unique name, or a Custom Gift Basket that holds a myriad of gifts, fine wines, and gourmet foods? I’ll give you a hint: Yum!

Just Because

Imagine showing up at your next Thanksgiving get together with a Grand Gourmet Gift Basket in your arms. Before the feast begins, mouthwatering gourmet treats will abound. Not only does it serve as a part of the delicious tidings of the day, but it also acts as a symbolic gesture of warm wishes and love. This holiday season, consider doing something a little different, and enjoy the difference it makes.

Holiday Gift Baskets: Fun and Professional Corporate Gifting

Even in this day and age, many are intimidated when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for clients, coworkers, employees, or bosses. With Gift Baskets, however, you can express warm wishes that are sure to be a hit.

The season is upon us where gifting business associates becomes a top priority. Even though, most of us are fairly intimidated by this seemingly daunting task. We want to ensure we give people that we work with – or for, a gift that is thoughtful and will make a lasting impression. But how do we go about doing this? What is the “trick of the trade” when it comes to corporate gifting?

Fear not!

Back to the Basics

We know you want to strengthen your ties to your work force, your brand, or your ability to relate to clients or bosses. This is where understanding the fundamentals of what people will appreciate, can come in handy. True appreciation does not rest in receiving exactly what you wanted. True appreciation rests in knowing that someone put forth effort on your behalf.

This is where you come in.

You do not need to know someone on an intimate level to give them something memorable and personal. Custom Gift Basket options allow you to add a personal touch for each recipient. This does not take long, and may give the recipient a more thoughtful gift than they bargained for.

Custom Gift Basket options also provide a way to exercise what you do know of someone. For example: Perhaps your boss is an avid wine enthusiast. Choosing a Gift Basket that includes a fine wine, or perhaps a small selection of fine wines, shows you went out of your way to give a gift that mattered.

In the event you have no idea about an individual’s likes or interests, a fine Holiday Gift Basket just might be the answer you have been looking for. With a wide array of options and custom arrangements, this gourmet option is sure to gain you some notoriety. Sending a special Gift Basket to each person on your list shows that you did not want to “mass produce” a gift idea, but that thought and effort went into each selection.

Gift Baskets: a Time-Honored Tradition

Gift Baskets come from the tradition of sending bottles of honey to loved ones on holidays and special occasions. This tradition dates back to 30 B.C. as an offering of tribute.

For centuries it was a tradition to send bottles of honey to friends and family, or to offer honey as a tribute or payment. This tradition spanned thousands of years. What many do not realize, is that we still honor this tradition to this day through the giving of Gift Baskets.

Sweet Delights and Delicacies

Gift Baskets contain a wide variety of foods, items, wines, sweets, and more. These heavenly blends provide those we care about some of the most lavish delights one could want. They continue by representing caring and compassion by encompassing a larger view of what holidays stand for: They stand for unity, putting behind us the issues of the year past, and a deeper knowing of the people we care about most.

It’s all the little things…

Sometimes when it comes to those we hold most dear, it’s the little things that matter most. Knowing the interests and tastes of someone shows the time and effort placed on that relationship. Knowing that your loved one prefers Jamaican Rum Cake to plain chocolate cake, or Raincoast Rosemary Raisin Biscuits rather than plain crackers – means that you know them through and through. It’s not the items at hand, but your deeper understanding that can make the biggest difference.

Gift Baskets can be Grand, or they can be Quaint, but they all show that special attention to detail. This Holiday Season, be sure to give a gift that matters the most. The gift of knowing your loved one, and the delicacies they prefer.

South Florida Gift Basket Delivery

It’s at this time of year that we start gearing up for tourist season at A Tasteful Gift. I know that sounds odd, being we’re a South Florida gift basket company, but hear me out. Every January many companies start to plan conferences, retreats, conventions and other events in South Florida, while families retreat to their holiday homes for some serious Winter R & R. And why wouldn’t they? The sun, the sand, the palm trees – it’s a perfect backdrop for any group event… (there’s a reason we live here! Am I right??).

We’re often called upon to put together custom Florida gift baskets for these South Florida events, varying on budget and need, to welcome their guests! To give you a sneak peak at the South Florida gift basket deliveries we make each year to Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach, here are a few of our tropical baskets that are always in high demand. Prepare to drool…

Florida Gift BasketsThis perfectly themed South Florida Florida gift basket includes – gourmet snack mix, Florida citrus fruit candies, sugar cookies, chocolate dipped key lime coconut patties, solid milk chocolate Choc-O-Gator, season pretzels, lemon cookie straws, key lime cookie straws, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate filled cookie rolls.

Florida Gift BasketsThis is our Mini Snack South Florida Gift Basket Box, filled with sweet and tangy tropical treats is a perfect way to welcome your guests to the Sunshine State. It’s filled with chocolate dipped key lime flavored coconut patties, tangy key lime cookies, solid milk chocolate Choc-O-Gator, premium salt water taffy in a Florida postcard box, Tropical Breeze gourmet snack mix. Great for conference attendee gifts, hotel and meeting welcome gifts or any Florida themed event.

South Florida Gift BasketsThis eye-catching and fun Florida tote is filled with premium assorted Salt Water Taffy (14 oz). It’s a perfect gift for convention attendees and large groups. A great hotel amenity gift to welcome guests.

Miama South Florida Gift BasketsOur “Delights” Florida Gift Box includes a novelty Florida Chocolate Gator, Key Lime Salt Water Taffy, Citrus Jelly Candies, and more. It’s also sunshine bright and beautiful – just like Florida!

Fort Lauderdale South Florida Gift BasketsOur Tropical Treasures Gift Box makes a great welcome gift for your Florida visitors or convention attendees. An assortment of Florida treats are tucked into a keepsake gift box that the recipient can later use to store special mementos or photos from their fantastic trip to Florida!

If you’re staying at a South Florida Hotel or condo and are in need of some evocative and Florida inspired gifts for friends, family, co-workers or guests, give us a ring toll-free at 1-(877)-310-4438! We’d be glad to discuss our South Florida Gift Basket rates, customizations and delivery with you – after all, it’s your event! Let’s get you set up in delicious style!

 Are you making your way to South Florida this Winter? We’d love to see you! Visit us on our Facebook Page to chat now!

Thankful for Thanksgiving 2013

How do you show someone you’re thankful for them?

Here at A Tasteful Gift we’re approaching the Thanksgiving 2013 season, and crafting up a new collection of baskets and decor we’re excited to share with you all!

It’s important, of course, to not only be thankful, but to say it as well. At this time of year, as we gear up for the holidays, we’re trying to remember to tell people how much they mean to us. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I think this is true for all of us.

Their care and support help get us through our year, and we look for something not only visually pleasing, but also thoughtful and unique, made special just for them to show how important THEY are to us! A gift basket is a perfect gift that can be individually crafted to make sure those closest to us receive something they’ll truly enjoy and know we thought of them in a special way.

Our Thank you gift baskets are an elegant way to show your clients, neighbors, co-workers, family and Thanksgiving host(ess) that you’re grateful for all the effort they’ve invested for you. Not only do our baskets look and taste good, but they’re also more unique than your typical bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers – why not give them a bouquet of edible treats in their favorite flavor profile instead?

Gifts – such as one of our baskets – paired with regular words of encouragement and appreciation can make all the difference for a person. It demonstrates you care. It shows you took time out of your day for them. It exemplifies greatness – both yours and theirs. It brings you closer and really, isn’t that what Thanksgiving 2013 is all about?

Yes. I’m thankful. For all the things I have, the positivity in my life and ultimately, the small moments with the people that I love and care about. Aren’t you?

How are you showing you care this holiday season? Have your ordered your “thank you” basket yet? What does Thanksgiving 2013 mean to you? Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page now!

Holiday Transitions

It’s official. We’re in holiday transition mode: Halloween is almost over (as my candy filled stomach can attest to) and the seasons are clearly making the transition from Autumn to Winter. I just saw my first Christmas commercial of the year last night!THANKS

But before we get into the mad dash of Christmas cocktail receptions, dinner parties, family gatherings and holiday shopping chaos, it’s time to think Thanksgiving. This occasion is a perfect opportunity for gifting a basket to your Thanksgiving dinner hostess or showing your co-workers or assistants how much you appreciate them. Gifting thanks before taking a holiday break from the office, passing evenings with good company and chowing down on slow roasted turkey, tangy orange cranberry sauce, rustic stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie topped with silky vanilla whipped cream, is a good thing.

Here at A Tasteful Gift we’ve started preparing for the holidays and we’re putting together some incredibly delicious gift baskets for the upcoming holidays. We’ve also got some exciting and more importantly, tasty holiday posts coming up here at A Tasteful Gift Blog and hope that you’ll join us! Keep an eye out – and salivating taste buds – for holiday entertaining tips and tricks, holiday themed recipes and of course, a wide collection of new gift baskets designed for one thing: celebrating the holidays with the ones we love most at this time of year!

What about you? What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Have you started planning yet? What do you need help with? Have any seasonal favorites to share with us? Tips?

Share with us at the A Tasteful Gift Facebook page now!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween is only just a week away – have you got your ghosts and goblins and caldron near by? I certainly do!


Though I have to be honest – I’m not entirely sure how useful they will be. I’ve found over the years that less and less children seem to be trick or treating. I’ve used this opportunity however to host my own Halloween themed dinner parties! Who says Halloween has to be for the under 12 age demographic, anyhow?

That’s right – I’m cooking up one heck of a goulish feast and highlighting the season’s best produce in the process. While others are carving pumpkins, I’m stuffing mine with fresh herbs, sausage and delicious apples!

The key to a great Halloween holiday themed party is simple: Keep it themed. Create dishes that can be mostly prepared ahead of time and are either Autumnal or Spooky oriented.  Try creating some fun Halloween snacks. Decorate the table with orange, white and black colored napkins, candles, place cards and centerpieces, or keep it elegantly goultastic by sticking to white pumpkins, black accents and a few splashes of red.

Either way, be sure to finish the meal with something sweet – after all, you don’t want to be tricked for not having treats!

Other things to keep in mind when hosting a Halloween dinner party:

1. Invitations. If you haven’t sent these out yet – it’s best to make phone calls or send an email for a quick response. Suggest an RSVP date so people know to reply quickly. If you haven’t had a chance to send out proper invitations, think about putting together a thank you note and goodie bag for when guests leave instead.

2. Music. Keep it upbeat, lively and fun. There are a great collections of spooky or fun vintage-lounge type music available out there that will coax guests into feeling festive!

3. Games. You want people to feel entertained, right? Donuts on a string, pumpkin carving, and of course, there’s always bobbing for apples!  If you’re Halloween party is strictly for adults, be sure to line up a few fun games for the older crowd.

4. Drinks. BYOB is totally acceptable – especially if you’re doing all the cooking. However, welcome guests with a Halloween themed cocktail to get them in the spirit of things when they arrive!

5. And finally, if you really want it to feel like a party, ask people to come in costume! Be sure to mention there will be food involved so they can choose outfits that will permit fork to mouth access.

What about you? How will you be celebrating Halloween? Hosting a dinner party? Any tips for us? What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?


Birthday Gift Basket

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Birthday Gift

As we all get a little older, it seems birthdays don’t quite hold the significance that they did when we were small. Instead of a party full of balloons, pin the tail on the donkey, we’re content to enjoy a good meal with a few close friends and a couple bottles of fine wine.

Celebrating our birthdays doesn’t have to be less exciting as we age – in fact, they should become more so! When we’re young, a birthday is an opportunity for junk food and giggling children to play. As we get older (and wiser, mind you), there’s more to celebrate. Academic achievements, professional accomplishments, lessons learned, friendships nurtured, families grown. And as our tastes refine, so can the gifts we give.

A birthday gift basket is not only tasteful but tasty! They’re dignified and in leading the busy lives that we do, they’re already wrapped beautifully – just waiting to be ripped open and devoured. Whether you prefer something wine friendly like our Tasteful Gourmet Basket, savory like the goodies found in our Gourmet Celebration Basket, sweet like our Chocolate Madness Basket, or fun like our Happy Birthday Basket, there’s always a collection of fine indulgements to share with the birthday girl (or boy). Chuck in that cheap bottle of wine and you’re all set! Who needs cake when you have a whopping selection of carefully chosen and elegantly packaged delicious treats? Not me, that’s for sure!

I know we live in a culture of youth and that aging is often resisted and refuted. But as each birthday rolls around, we can give thanks to ourselves and each other and use it as an opportunity for celebration. For reflection. For laughter. For eating. Aging doesn’t mean getting old, it means getting happier. And if you define happiness like I do, a little bit plumper. And I’m good with that.

Yes. I believe we should celebrate our birthdays as we grow and the memories we have with each other. I honestly can’t think of anything better than sharing a bottle of wine with close friends and family, while savoring on decadent chocolates, gourmet cheese and dips or delicious olives and re-counting our histories while toasting the future. That’s a birthday I can get on board with. How about you?

How do you celebrate your birthday? Is it something you look forward to? Or resist? Do you have a favorite birthday snack? Which basket would you like to get on your birthday?