New Years Resolutions Vs. Goals

Congratulations! We’ve almost made it through the holidays! Now that our presents are open, our bellies are full and our dance cards are getting lined up for New Years Eve, we thought it might be a good time to talk about our New Years resolutions. Or rather, our New Years goals. What’s the difference? Well, we’re glad you asked.

I recently listened to a podcast (which was originally inspired by this blog post). The basic gist is that resolutions just don’t cut it. How many times have you made a resolution about what you “should” do next year and it just didn’t last more than a couple of months? I “should” go to the gym; I “should” spend more time painting and being creative; I “should” eat less cookies or drink less wine. Should, should, should, should, should. Even if the resolutions states “I will…” The “will” gets replaced by “should” in every day conversation. Should isn’t doing. Should, frankly, just shouldn’t.

Instead, I’m setting goals.

Specific ones. And using this tool to help me. By planning my goals and living an intentioned life – one that is full of doing – we’re going to break the yearly habitual resolution fail and live consciously. I’m going to be successful. I’m going to make goals, set timelines and break them down into manageable bites. And all of it’s going to be written down. Making myself accountable, setting my calendars with benchmarks so I can make my ultimate goal attainable will make all the difference.

Think about it like this… If I resolve to go to the gym more, all that really means is that I should go to the gym more because I said I would. BUT, if I set a goal to decrease my body fat by 5% and increase my strength by 10%, I already have certain things that HAVE to happen. I need to make an appointment with a trainer, go to the training sessions, eat certain foods and all of that can be broken down into individual yet cohesive plans.

I’m making goals. Not resolutions. And I think you should too. Be your best inspiration. Be intentional. Be conscious.

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What are your new years goals? Agree with my ideas here? Disagree? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page!